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April 2013

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The Secret of Renewal


Aim for long-sellers!
The Secret of Renewal

Improving recognition on new products, increasing sales, and nurturing them into long-selling brands--Here at Nikkei Design, we have split up timeframes into the four categories of “mid-term,” “short-term,” “long-term,” and “comeback” in response to the time axes for achieving results in renewal. We have taken eight products in this special feature and done a report on each, covering the type of environment, the goals, what kind of renewal was achieved, and what were the results. The secrets of renewal that emerged from that are…

Mid-Term: Renewal that aims to improve brand power with a view to becoming long-sellers
Shiseido’s Tsubaki
Lotte’s Fit’s
Calbee’s Furugura
Morinaga Milk’s Partheno

Short-Term: Renewal to achieve an increase in sales in the short-term
Kirin Beverage’s World Kitchen Salty Lychee
Lion’s Sucrate Ichoyaku
Column: The vanguard of green tea drink renewal

Long-Term: Renewal that plans the revitalization of long-selling brands
Ezaki Glico’s Pocky Chocolate

Comeback: Renewal to re-enter the market or revitalize the product

Unilever Japan’s Timotei Pure

Design Active? The very fact of renewal points towards design active

Design Arrows: 3D printers will change the future of design (1) Designers have started actual tests

Design Trends in China Pasco moves into China with its unconventional blue wrapper Chojuku bread

Package Design Trends Japan’s package design gains recognition through international awards

Feeling Design: nendo’s philosophy and creativity process The solution strategy that dares to upset the balance

Analyzing Legendary Products: The iPhone Box (Part 2) One box costs 600 yen. The tofu block shape revolution

Design Makes SMEs Stand Out Mary Chocolate Company (production and sales of confectionery)
The long-established company in its 62nd year is aiming to a theme park of confectionary

Let’s Create a Story! And Use It for Design! Garigarikun Production
The stories can all be tied into “fun” and “playfulness”

Design Marketing: Seeing with brand maps! 40 to 44 year-olds and mobile sites

Japanese Brands Circle the Globe Suntory Beverage & Food’s Mirai
Turning a local expression “segar (refreshment)” into a marketing keyword in Indonesia

Brand Enhancement Committee Comparing in-store air-conditioning sales promotion posters
Consumers only look at “advantages”

Select Shops of Note: Hits! Observation of Fixed Design Points Circulators with unique spherical designs

Telling a Story without Being Asked: Akiko Takehara Playful design for adults

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